Emiko Jaffe
Certified Personal Trainer

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After caring for my wife through her cancer treatment I found that I had done just about all the wrong things in terms of my nutrition and fitness.  So like all 50 year olds who want to be 35 again, I began a routine of hard aerobic workouts with food restriction to boot.  Yes, I dropped weight but I still didn’t feel or look like I wanted to.

I am Facebook friends with Emiko and I was constantly amazed at just how fit she was, so I asked if she could help me.  Well, 5 months later and I have lost 5 inches from my waist and hips and gained an inch on my chest!  My energy level is better and I am much more focused at work.

Emiko never promised any overnight results, but she did help me work toward my goals of having fitness become a way of life and helped me see that it's not a finish line that I would cross in a few weeks.  Emiko has helped me deal with the nutrition challenges of a busy work life and that of care giver at home.  She has worked around my schedule and always provides encouragement towards my goals, even my running of a charity 5k.

I have not worked with other trainers and after Emiko I don’t know how they could ever measure up.


  ~Dwayne B. (51 and feeling like 35!)

Emiko is an all inclusive personal trainer. She creates a progressive program that includes fitness and nutrition. I lead an active lifestyle but things were not lining up right. I was working out hard, eating what I thought was the right way but I was not getting the results I was working so hard for.  I decided that I needed help. An expert. Emiko created a program specific to my needs and goals.  My program is a progressive life style and habit changing way of life. We work within my fitness level while preparing my body for the next. She has created a step-by-step plan to help me reach my goals. We work on everything from proper form to the proper diet for my needs. She has created a comfortable environment where I feel strong and confident that my goals will be met and sustained. Because what is the point of putting all this work in if it’s not sustainable? I would totally recommend Emiko, she’ll help you get the body (and booty!) of your dreams!


~ Betsy Sirgo

I began training with Emiko in 2013 after having four surgeries in 2012 and being unable to exercise the way I used to.

Despite years of working out and past personal training experience, no one ever screened me the way Emiko did during our first sessions. She was spot-on with her evaluation and knows more than anyone I have ever worked with and can adapt well to each person's individual needs.

My knee was improving, so we slowly worked on my lower body as the knee allowed. It wasn’t long before I was squatting pretty low. My hands were still a big problem and continue to plague me, but with Emiko's help, I am able to do more than I thought would be possible. I am thrilled that Emiko is able to give me an effective work out despite my limitations!

Not only is the use of my hands limited, but my nerve condition that developed after my hand surgeries makes it so that when my body heats up, my hands feel like they are on fire.  Unfortunately, cardio is not very tolerable. However, Emiko figured out a way to get my body moving without inflaming my hands.

Through the use of high intensity interval training, and my special ice pack gloves, I am able to get an effective cardio workout in under 20 minutes.  She is extremely patient as we try different ways to work my back and arms without using my hands very much, if at all.

There are good days and bad days with my hands, but any day with Emiko becomes a good day for me. My training sessions with her are the best part of my days!

I cannot recommend Emiko more highly as a personal trainer and all around amazing person.


~Dana Green

I really appreciate the thorough movement screening Emiko did of my body upon our first meeting and the follow-up screening she did a few months later. Wow, what a difference! Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress you are making until you have something to compare it with. It’s such a good feeling to see all the hard work pay off! She has really helped me with my shoulder and knee issues. Even my doctor noticed my improvement and commented on it. 


When I first came to her I could only do wall push-ups standing almost fully upright due to a lot of scar tissue surrounding my right shoulder. I am now able to do full plank push-ups at a 45 degree angle (to the floor) and I keep getting stronger. For the first time, I actually believe I will be able to do a full push-up on the ground! Emiko was always conscientious to adjust my workout routine to accommodate my injuries.  I also used to suffer with low back pain, but Emiko used her “booty training” knowledge to help me strengthen my butt muscles and the rest of my core and now my low back feels great!  She is really good about knowing how much to push me and I’m always pleasantly surprised to learn that I am capable of doing more than I initially thought.  It’s a real confidence booster!


~ Linda Communale


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