Emiko Jaffe
Certified Personal Trainer

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You want to look lean.
You want to look toned.
You want to look great naked.

You may be wondering how you go from wanting an amazing body to getting that amazing body.

If you have a notion that it is some combination of exercise + nutrition = hot body, you're right! 

But what is the combination that will unlock those results for your body? What exercises should you do and how often? What kind of diet should you follow (should you be following a diet at all???)?

If you're stumped, have reached a plateau (been working on those last 5-15lbs for what seems like forever?) or want to reshape your body, I can help you. To learn more, please check out my services page.

New!!! Get Ready for Summer...
Is your booty ready for the beach, pool parties and shorts? If not, now is the perfect time to start working on getting that firm, tight perky Best Beach Booty! Click here to learn more.

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